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Blank Pages Part 14

Blank Pages: Epilogue






Gabriel was not a morning person. Unlike Castiel, who simply shared Dean’s bed and tended not to sleep at all (choosing the second option of being a creeper and watching his significant other sleep all night), Gabriel liked to sleep. He liked to sleep a lot. Which was why he was just a little pissed when Sam came bounding into the room and jumped on him, actually jumped right on top of him at eight in the morning on a Saturday.

 He gasped, winded as he suddenly received a lapful of Winchester. Heaving in a breath, he opened his eyes and glared up at the Hunter with his best smiting look. “Much as I love it when you sit like that,” he motioned to Sam’s legs on either side of his waist, “Dean has a new rule about sex in the morning.”

 Sam sputtered but didn’t move, frowning for a moment before he leaned down, Gabriel pushing himself up onto his elbows to meet him halfway with a smile and a roll of his eyes, kissing the human hard. Gabriel sighed and tangled his fingers into Sam’s hai to hold him there as he kicked the blankets off of his legs, the larger man shifting so that he could do so. Sam laughed softly, “What was that about Dean’s new rule?”

 “Just be reeeaaaallly quite,” Gabriel smirked against the corner of the other’s mouth, trailing a kiss down Sam’s neck to his collar bone. The archangel sat up and moved his hands down to Sam’s hips, tugging him down so that they were pressed up against each other. He groaned against the collar of the Hunter’s t-shirt.

 “Shh,” Sam practically giggled, rolling his hips when Gabriel pressed closer. He tilted the Trickster’s head up, kissing him and teasing his bottom lip with his teeth, drawing a strangled moan out of the other.

 “I said no sex in the morning!” Dean’s voice yelled up the stairs, and they froze like deer in the headlights until Gabriel choked out scared laugh and Sam obediently rolled off of him.

The archangel grabbed his wrist, putting a finger to his lips and tugging Sam towards the bathroom connected to their master bedroom. They mock tiptoed to the shower and locked the door behind them. Gabriel peeled off each article of Sam’s attire for the day one by one, pushing the Hunter under the hot spray of water and up against the wall, and Sam didn’t complain, laughing softly while Gabriel shushed him with tiny kisses whenever he started.

 “Hey,” Sam asked, his head leaning against the tile wall and his hair dripping, hoping he wouldn’t have a bruise on his back like the last time they’d done this, “It’s slippery in here, you sure you can-”

 Gabriel snorted, his hands on the back of Sam’s thighs, “Hello? Archangel? Now come on Sammy-boy, up.” Sam complied, chuffing out a muffled laugh as he hooked his long legs around Gabriel’s waist.

 “Dean’s going to kill us, you know,” Sam whispered, bracing one hand against the shower wall and gripping the angel’s shoulder with the other.

 “Not if,” Gabriel grunted as he slid into the Hunter in one smooth motion, “He doesn’t hear us.”

 Sam groaned, “Yeah . . . Don’t count on that.”

 “Sammy, half the point of doing it in the shower is the cancellation of noise via the pounding water. And pissing Castiel off about the hot water bill.” He sank his teeth into Sam’s shoulder then, stifling a moan as he thrust into the other.

 Sam however, had always been a bit of a loud one.

When they trudged downstairs a half hour later, Dean was glaring daggers at them over the top of his newspaper while Castiel barely looked up from the stove where he was cooking breakfast. Sam nudged Gabriel, “I told you,” he hissed.

 “You are so lucky that bathroom has a lock,” Dean growled, lowering his eyes to the paper.

 “Why, you wanted to join?” Gabriel teased, undeterred by Dean’s threat, “I mean, I’ve been telling Cass for ages that we should totally have a four-way . . .”

 Sam, who had been in the midst of taking a big gulp of water from the glass Castiel had handed him spit it out all over the floor while Castiel frowned and vanished the mess with a wave of his hand. “Wha?” Sam said meekly.

 Gabriel only laughed, throwing himself into the chair across form Dean and leaning on the edge of the table towards the highchair standing at the end, “Good morning, cutie!” he chirped.

 Dean held up his fork menacingly, “You don’t get to talk to my kid after what you did this morning.”

 Gabriel ignored him, picking a slice of fruit of the child’s plastic plate. The little girl was just under twelve months, with hair the same shade as Dean’s and eyes as blue as Castiel’s. It had been rather unexpected for all of them when Castiel had shown up with her egg a little over a year ago, just weeks after Sam had returned from his road trip with Gabriel at his side. At first, Dean had freaked, thinking his poor angel had actually birthed the thing before Castiel assured him that angel eggs were created by their Father, and that the one in question possessed a piece of Castiel’s Grace and a piece of Dean’s soul.

 Sam had said bullshit, Gabriel had confirmed it, and none of them had denied it when she hatched. And Dean, despite his initial protests, had always wanted a family.

 They’d named her Joanna Marie. Gabriel had suggested Joan because he (and Sam) thought she resembled the French heroine more than just a little. Dean had said that was stupid, and they had settled on Joanna after their fallen friend. Gabriel had relented that it was close enough. And Marie for Sam and Dean’s mom, because Mary had sounded odd when said aloud with Joanna, something Castiel insisted on doing every time they tried out a name.

 “I’m her favorite,” Gabriel smirked as Joanna giggled, clapping her hands on either side of his cheeks when he puffed them out.

 “You’re a pest,” Dean muttered, “I liked you better when you were small and cute.”

 “Aw, Dean-o, you think I’m cute!”

 Castiel, who chose to ignore their banter as he did every morning, grabbed the egg carton and turned to Sam, “One egg or two?”

 Sam waved a hand, “No, I’m good. I went to go get a bagel this morning at-” he stopped, whirling and running around the table to grab Gabriel, tugging at his arm, “I almost forgot! Come on, you have to see this! I ran in this morning for a reason!”

 Gabriel stuck out his lower lip as he stood, “A reason other than to have really hot shower sex with me?”

 Dean covered Joanna’s ears and she squealed with glee, thinking it was a new game, “Guys!”

 “Just come on!” Sam pulled at the angel and Gabriel sighed before he grabbed a coat from the back of the door as Sam lead him outside.

 “Where are we going?” the Trickster whined, dragging his feet. It was a ten minute walk to Scholegel’s Bagels, which was where he knew Sam had gone just by observation of habit, and it was cold out.

 “The bagel place!” Sam exclaimed, “There’s . . . oh, just hurry up! You’ll see when we get there!”

 And get there they did, taking an extra five minutes because Gabriel chose to walk as slow as humanly possible if only to piss Sam off. The hunter pulled him to a halt just outside the little breakfast café, stopping in his tracks, “Oh! This is even better!”

 Gabriel followed his line of sight to where a young man of no more than twenty or twenty one was leaning with his back against the fake old bricks of Scholegel’s Bagels. His jacket hood was pulled up over his head and a single earbud rested in one ear, the other tucked into his shirt collar. He looked up briefly as Sam and Gabriel paused a few feet away, revealing blue eyes and dirty-blond hair before he went back to bobbing his head lightly to the music, mouthing the words silently.

 The door to the café jingled open and another man, a bit younger than the other ,stepped out, sweeping back dark hair from his eyes with an amused smirk. His hands moved behind his back to untie the uniform apron he was wearing, “There you are, you prat! I thought you said you were going to come inside and get breakfast before you went to work! I have your usual set aside.”

 The blond looked up and grinned from ear to ear as the younger man stomped towards him, “But your boss says no romance on the job.” He reached over grabbing the other’s wrist and tugging him forward.

 The dark haired man yelped, colliding with the elder, “Arthur!” he sputtered indignantly, “You have to get to work!”

 “And you have to go back to it,” Arthur countered, “Come on, just a little kiss, I won’t tell anyone, Merlin.”

 Merlin’s face turned a nice shade of pink and he leaned up, kissing the blond swiftly, “There. Now go get your breakfast.”

 “Walk me to work?”

A long sigh escaped, the other, and he rolled his eyes, “Fine. I’ll ask for a fifteen minute break, so hurry up!”

 Arthur dashed inside and emerged just seconds later with a paper bag. He linked arms with Merlin and held up his other earbud, “It’s your favorite song,” he tempted.

 “If you say so.”

 Gabriel watched them go in stunned disbelief, turning to Sam, “How . . .”

 “I saw Merlin at the counter, apparently it’s his second week here,” Sam informed proudly, “And I thought you might want to know that you didn’t exactly go wrong with them.

 Farther down the road, Arthur had burst into song, elbowing Merlin into singing backup, “You’re the voice try and understand it! Make the noise and make it clear! Whoa-oh-oh-oh!”

 “They found each other,” Gabriel whispered.

 Sam squeezed his shoulder, “Yeah, they did.”

A/N: DONE! Thank freakin finally. Anywho, just an FYI the things mention in this chapter, like Joanna and Team Free Will's house life is something that will be explained better in the side fic Bookmarks I will have out eventually. I just wanted to add some last bit of Merthur in to wrap it up.




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